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  • Electronic muscle stimulators (EMS) generate comfortable contractions that effectively exercise the muscles of the patients who are unable or who can’t do it themselves. Medical grade impulse generated by BX models stimulates the nerves that make muscle to contract and relax.  EMS units in addition to other benefits, deliver effective results in strengthening and toning the muscles, especially when combined with diet and regular exercise.
  • Carbonflex electrodes, insulated and uninsulated , multicolored reusable carbon rubber medical grade accessories are designed for electronic muscle stimulators to deliver energy impulse from the EMS unit to the motor point in the muscular system.  They are manufactured in various sizes and shapes to improve the performance and safety of EMS modalities.
  • Medflex wire leads,  multicolored flexible wire leads, different length with various types color coded molded terminals  comply with the Food and Drug  Administration performance standard 21 CFR, part 898
  • Specialty products – sponges, adapters and other items help performance of muscle stimulating modalities and improve treatment protocols.   
Representatives are available 24/7 to answer by e-mail, any question pertaining to performance and protocols developed up to date pertaining to BX Series of Electronic Muscle Stimulators manufactured by Bloomex International Inc that are currently used by the therapists and sports medicine professionals for medical rehabilitation and muscle conditioning treatments.

Carbonflex electrodes, Medflex wire leads and accessories for the EMS modalities are available for direct sale to sport medicine professionals, individual therapists and chiropractors for their practice upon an evaluation of equipment that they currently use.  Detailed information including itemized cross reference product part numbers is available upon request by contacting us via e-mail.

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For more than 30 years, Bloomex International, Inc. has been manufacturing low energy EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulators) and wide range of accessories for EMS units including Medflex  wire Leads and Carbonflex  Electrodes with firmly established reputation for quality and timely delivery.  Our low energy muscle stimulating units widely used throughout the world are known in the industry as one of the most dependable, effective and comfortable modalities available on the market today. Bloomex International, Inc. has the ability to produce various EMS accessories of the highest quality that meet or exceed the customer's specifications.  We continuously improve service, value and quality.

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Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Treating muscular disorders with electricity has intrigued mankind for centuries. Experiments in electro-therapy have been conducted since Aetuis, a Greek physician, prescribed a treatment for gout in the form of shock from an electric fish.

Theory of Electromuscular Stimulation

The process - called Electromuscular Stimulation was developed to assist in various types of muscle rehabilitation and to prevent muscle degeneration in paralyzed patients, but it has quickly been adapted to others protocols as well.

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