Medflex Wire Leads - Carbonflex Silicone Electrodes - Accessories for EMS units

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Bloomex International, Inc. is manufacturing wide range of accessories for most EMS units. Medflex wire leads and Carbonflex silicone electrodes have firmly established reputation for quality and timely delivery. We continuously improve our service, value and quality. Should you have any special requirements for our Carbonflex silicone electrodes or you need any special wire lead, please let us know. Please note that we also make reinforced cellulose sponges for electrotherapy treatment and repair specialty wire leads for EMS units. Carbonflex silicone electrodes, Medflex wire leads and other accessories for the EMS modalities are available for direct sale to sport medicine professionals, individual therapists and chiropractors.
Highly specialized equipment is used to produce conductive silicone that we use in the production of Carbonflex silicone electrodes. Medflex wire leads with tinsel wire conductors are extruded with PVC plastic compound.

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